"Love What You Do and Do What You Love"
These words inspire us every day here at The Success Connection. Maya Angelou, said- "You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you"As you know, it takes a strong foundation to start and grow a business.  It’s a foundation built on proven techniques, a collaborative approach and a culture of service that permeates the landscape of your company.

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Chances are you know very well what you are passionate about, what makes you spring out of bed in the morning and what carries you through the day. It’s this passion that our coaches assist you in harnessing and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.It’s this passion that, when combined with our extensive business knowledge, can create truly extraordinary results. Here at The Success Connection we assist you to develop your business model with powerful techniques and proven methods that work across a broad spectrum of the business world.  


We work with you to maximize your talents, skills and abilities so that you can be better for your clients.  Your expansion is their expansion.  Your level of confidence and skill will translate into strong non-verbals that will be picked up on by your clients immediately, giving them a feeling of assurance that they made the right decision.


3_happy_workers_with_a_PCThe fact is, when you can focus on putting the client first, everything else falls into place.  We’ll show you how to make that happen on a consistent basis.    


How is this done?
By formulating your real-world goals that are aggressive and achievable, so you can embark on a course of action that fits your strengths and is aligned with your passion, with a healthy dose of encouragement, support and guidance every step of the way.  

It’s an exceptional 5-step process…

1.We work with you to maximize your own talents, skills and abilities.  When you build your business presentation skills on the foundation of who you are,  your work transforms to something much more fulfilling.

2.We assist you with the expansion of who you naturally are, where you are going and what you want to accomplish.   Your work then fits into “do what you love and love what you do”. Knowing how to maximize your natural talents will enable you to find more pleasure and higher results in everything you do.

3.We assist you with the delicate  and necessary task of seeing the behaviors that are holding you back from where you want to be—.

4.We work with you to map out a new course of action  based on what you do best.  The only way to “do what you love and love what you do” is to look at what works best for you and only you.  Your coach is here to assist you, just like a football or basketball coach does for his team. We will show you the new tools and techniques that work in today’s marketplace.

5.  It all comes together with the critical step of practice, which ultimately leads to exceptional performance, and an exciting new level of success. 
Click on the links below to select which of our coaching programs will work best for you.  Or, if you are uncertain about which program is the best fit, just click here to contact us.

Morning Roll Call - At 7:00 PT/8:00 MT/9:00 CT/10:00 ET for 6 months.
31452_PhotoThis is 30 minutes of high impact, laser focused, no nonsense strategizing on what specifically will be required to move you and your business to higher and higher levels every day.  

  • You will be given assignments to complete by the end of every day.  These assignments should be taken seriously, as they are the instruments that will move you and your business forward toward your success. .
  • You will be given opportunities to report on your experiences in completing the previous day’s assignment  to  show you in real time how your results are moving you forward (or holding you back) from your desired  success. .
  • You will also have private access to your own online goal tracking system  to  hold yourself accountable and measure your progress at every point. 

 You MUST be totally committed to your success in order for this to be a good fit for you.  It’s imperative that you hit the ground running every morning, complete the assignments and maintain the necessary focus.  Do this , and there will be no stopping you.All sessions are recorded for access later during the day of the Roll Call.

Your investment in this robust, success oriented program is just $250.00 per month for 6 months (paid monthly).  Other payment options include:

$199.00 per month. Pay all at once and receive over a 20% savings.

$149.00 per month WCR special if you sign up before 1/18/2013,

$150.00 deposit will hold this price until 2/4/13 (must attend 2 WCR meetings in the 6 months to qualify pay for 6 months) 40% savings Women’s Council of REALTORS

Click here to join this program

The Wolf Pack Training - 9:30 am - 10:45 am Monday MT for 6 months.
If you are ready to take your performance to peak levels then this program is for you.You will participate in a weekly 75 minute intense teaching session, and you will be given weekly assignments  to  assist you to clearly see  your value. Most people don’t put enough value on who they are and what they offer.  Consequently, their income doesn’t measure up to what they are truly worth.When  increase your value  you become more than just higher commodity to your clients, you become a valuable partner, get  paid more and change the client’s perspective to one of appreciation for having the opportunity to work with you.  This makes for a constantly blossoming relationship, filled with mutual respect and admiration, repeatbusiness and referrals follow.  You will get what we call our H.O.T.M.2.A experience with yourself.  When your success starts from within it manifests outward in all kinds of enjoyable and profitable ways.Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value”. When your clients see the value in you, they will not take you for granted, they will appreciate what you do for them and will be motivated to pay for your services.  All of this starts with YOU and your own self worth.

These are the skills top sales people have developed and use every day, and with our tools, techniques and tips you can add more value in your own toolbox.

When you are finished with this program these core skills will take you through the rest of your life and career.

After the first session,  you will be assigned a Pack Leader who will work directly with you every week throughout the 6 months. Your Pack Leader will have a personal one-on-one coaching session with you each week, review your progress and be in all the Wolf Pack Sessions to assist your progress.

Plus, access to your own online goal tracking system. Receive discounts and free enrollment for other services and programs.$650.00 per month for 6 months (paid monthly)

$510.00 per month if you pay 6 months at once – 20% savings

$399.00 per month WCR special if you sign up 60 days before your coaching sessions begin

$250.00 deposit will hold this price for   30 days  39% savings Women’s Council of REALTORS

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One-On-One – Available if you qualify and are very serious about truly taking your business and success to the top. Email us for more information.
Group/Company Plans – We have special pricing and modules available for one day training programs with large groups or companies. Email us for more information

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I am writing this tosatisfaction  “High Five”  AJ Michaels.  At the end of October 2012  I hired AJ  Michaels to Coach me with my business.   I had my own business for years and I just couldn’t get my client base where I wanted to be. In just 4 months I have learned so much and achieved a lot of success toward my goalsWhen I hired AJ …I made three big decisions.

  • If I wanted things to change in my life I had to change what I was currently thinking and doing.
  • I had to be accountable to my thoughts and actions
  • I had decided to be a what I call a 3-D person… Determined, Disciplined, and Decisive

I have known A J for 8 years and watched her successes, I never thought I could have her as my coach. it was a big investment and commitment on my part to pay for her expertise.

The day came and opportunity knocked … I hired her.  And this is some of what she has shown me so far.

  1. How to believe in me…and focus on my good qualities and not my bad.
  2. How to be accountable to myself and others,
  3. How to think Big… and how to implement the action to get it done.
  4. How asking the right questions to the right people will create the results I wanted.
  5. How to listen to my heart first, then think, then make my decisions

There are many more things I have learned from her, I would recommend anyone to hire her as their coach.  I have had other coaches and many training's , She is the Best!

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